Why using a Print Agency or production partner improves your business? As a Print Broker, Production Partner or Print Agency as some call us, the question we hear most often is:

why would we use you, when we can go direct to a printer?

Our response is simple. You can. But why would you, when we can save you time and money. Here’s a few reasons that might make you think twice about going direct:

1. Manage Costs.

The first thing people are skeptical about is the cost. How can going through a third party be cheaper than going direct? Put simply Print Broking companies like us buy a lot of print, each and every day. We also have in house finished artists and pre-press operators to check and make sure the files supplied to print are actually print ready. With so much design work now done for the online world, it’s very easy for your designer to set the file up incorrectly, either leading to the job printing incorrectly or it being delayed will issues are fixed.

Managing costs for you is also about finding, the right product that creates the best impact, made the right way (specification) for the best return on your investment. As print brokers we provide alternatives & solutions that enable the best-informed decisions to be made.

Of course, we as your Print Agency do add a margin to the cost, but over the whole job, you will save money compared to going direct.

2. We Cover the whole market’.

The second reason you’d use a Print Broker like us, is we have proven trusted suppliers in multiple locations giving us widespread coverage to get a job done on time and budget. Just like a mortgage broker, we don’t limit you to a specific product that’s sitting on the shelf of the bank. A Mortgage broker personalises the best product to suit your needs.

This is exactly the same in the print world. You’re not tied to a specific press or finishing equipment. Your job is produced on the right press, with the right colours and finished exactly right.

3. Create & Drive Growth

The third reason and this is a BIG one, your resources are saved. Leaving you with more time to focus on your core business. Freeing up the constant emails or phone calls to all your print suppliers (usually that’s around 7 suppliers for all your print requirements). It also gives you more time to focus on bringing in more money. You’re not searching for the best or cheapest (which is self-defeating). You leave everything in the hands of the Agency to do the running around for you.

You will also save time, by not having to set up multiple suppliers and PO’s in your finance system.

4. Brand guardians

As not all printers can do the whole job onsite, they often ‘sub’ out to another printer. In doing so, control is lost over colour and finish potentially having items within the print job looking completely different. A print broker allocates the job to printers based on their expertise and oversees the full job ensuring a consistent look across all items.

If you’ve not used a Print Broker or Agency before or want to learn more. Get in touch today +61 2 9018 1552.